I’ve recently been presented with several scenarios while developing under Grails that require application workflow decisions, and the most logical place to put these decisions has been inside the SecurityFilters class. The SecurityFilters class is extremely handy for doing things like redirecting based off of user role, and handling customer authentication, etc… But I’ve found a new use for it that makes the workflow dynamics of my web applications extremely streamlined. Continue reading »

download the drizzle-jdbc package… here’s the maven repo

download the drizzle dialect (thanks to this guy)

create your tables based off of your grails domain classes…

setup your datasource, as such:

dataSource {
            pooled = true
            dbCreate = "update"
            url = "jdbc:drizzle://localhost:4427/database?autoReconnect=true"
            driverClassName = "org.drizzle.jdbc.DrizzleDriver"
            dialect = org.drizzle.hibernate.dialect.DrizzleDialect
            username = "root"
            password = ""

when you setup drizzle, it will let you connect as root with no password… i’ll post an update on how to add a user when i figure it out…

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