Even though we’re Red Hat people and would much prefer to use the Developer Studio for everything, sometimes we need to integrate into groups and teams who use Eclipse for development…

I jest (a little) about the Dev Studio, I am in fact a big time Eclipse fan — it is an amazing tool and is the de facto standard (would you take RC Cola over Coca Cola? didn’t think so…).

So, tonight I’ve fired up the new RELEASE verison of STS and plugged in the elite Groovy/Grails support… First impression: STS 2.6.0 is blazing fast… It’s really awesome. I like the new Groovy support a lot. In my 8-5, I use Eclipse 3.5 for development w/ nothing special on the Groovy end… The code completion and syntax highlighting in STS 2.6.0 is stellar and immediately worked great for a GRAILS 1.3.7 project. I’m happy :-)

EDIT: One huge fucking problem that I’ve found is that if I have compilation errors in my projects when firing up STS, it will crash… Not sure if this is due to some ghettoness in my configuration or if this is standard behavior, but not cool either way…

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