This was amazingly impossible to find the answer to when I was looking for it.

The setup — running JVM, some thread doing something stupid like taking 100% CPU usage. For the purposes of my example, I will explain that I was using Jetty to serve a homegrown web application. With an Apache front-end, requests were being passed to Jetty over the AJP13 protocol using mod_jk. Continue reading »

I think that the new authentication configuration packages that come with RHEL6 will make this a little bit easier, but I haven’t played around with it yet, so here’s what I got for making this stuff work.

Assumptions: I’m a domain administrator w/ the administrative tools pack installed (to get ADUC)

The technology: RHEL 5.x (I’ve done this on 5.1 – 5.5), Samba server and client packages installed, Windows Server 2003/Active Directory Continue reading »

I was recently presented with a situation where we would need a standard ext3 partition, greater than 2.0TB on a basic server installation of RHEL5. This was for a backup disk that would host dumps and exports from an Oracle instance on a redundant SAN LUN that was presented as a thick-provisioned 2.5TB volume. Continue reading »

During my time as a system administrator, I have come across a lot of things that I feel like other people should have seen at some point, but for one reason or another the answer is never exactly what I need… So, my intention with this blog is to post these things as I find them, and the solutions related. Maybe it will serve as more or less a consolidated documentation area for my own personal reference, but I would believe that somebody out there can find some of this stuff useful. I’m talking about general sysadmin-type stuff,  a few things programming related (see the “About Me” link for more detail on my professional background), and maybe some people and project management. A lot of the time what I see are sysadmins keeping their own close-at-hand documentation around for reference as they need to do things, but not necessarily sharing that knowledge with the world as they’re figuring it out. I guess that some of us feel like the next guy will be able to use google better, or will have a better support network for figuring out problems — I know that I’ve thought that in the past and usually wind up jumping back to my own reference sheet when I need to do it again — or worst, figuring the whole thing out again. Some of the stuff that I post will be 101 type stuff, but that’s good information to keep handy too. Also, I’m going to assume that most of you guys out there have the background and understanding necessary to do a lot of this stuff without a lot of hand holding, so don’t expect me to spend a lot of time focusing on theory… I’m a bare-metal kind of guy when it comes to this stuff.

Another thing… I hope to keep this blog mostly technical related, but I have a strong passion for best-practices in management (both project and people), so I hope that somehow I can build a bridge between that world, and our technical world (in some aspect).

Please don’t hesitate to email me with stuff that you find or come up with — I’m a big fan of community involvement, and credit where credit is due. Thanks for landing here and reading this — I hope that this helps somebody.

Just getting started here, so standby…

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